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Our Story

Elk Grove Cat Rescue Group emerged in October of 2022 when the need for help addressing community cats was noticed by duo, Kat and Kim. Our first encounter with a stray was our neighborhood cat, Tippy, and the reason we became involved in animal rescue. We learned that Tippy once had a home, but after his family found themselves in economic hardship, he was left behind after his family moved. Kat and Kim were able to neuter and vaccinate Tippy at a local clinic before returning him to the neighborhood. He was not a big fan of the indoor life anymore after spending years outside. He now enjoys his senior years outside with an abundance of food and pets. Most importantly, Tippy has not fathered kittens in the last five years, thus reducing the number of kittens entering the local animal shelter. 

Since 2022, community members have joined us and lent countless hours of their valuable time helping both people and cats like Tippy in our neighborhoods. We strive to reach as many cats as possible in our neighborhoods to spay, neuter, and adopt them to loving families.


Our group depends on volunteers and donations to continue to help animals. Please consider volunteering or donating.


Connect with us through social media or email us.

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